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XPEL FusionPlus ceramic coating creates a durable hydro-phobic layer that provides ease of cleaning and extreme gloss for owners looking to effortlessly maintain a “wet-paint” look for their vehicle for years to come. 

When applied, XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating crystallize and bond to the pores of the applied surface, rather than to each other. This in turn enhances your vehicle’s gloss and shine while preventing dust from building up on the paint, which allows for easy maintenance. 

XPEL FusionPlus: A single layer application, FusionPlus has been tested in the harshest conditions and is guaranteed for 4 Years. The ceramic coating can be installed on XPEL Protective Film or bare paint while providing the same benefits.


XPEL FusionPlus can be used on wheels & callipers too, adding the same protection and easy cleaning as you would get on your vehicles paint. 

XPEL Fusion ceramic coating is available for marine application as well as aviation application too. 







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